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History of Torrance Fire Department

The city that Jared Sidney Torrance envisioned was one that was built even before anyone came to live in it. It was to be a place where people could come and have a job waiting for them. The businesses would be established, the streets would be in and paved, sewer and water lines underground, houses built and the landscaping done. The Dominguez Land Company, of which he was an officer, created this industrial town as a real estate venture. The site was empty land on the way from Los Angeles to San Pedro. The only connecting road was East Road (now Torrance Blvd.), which ran east to Main Street.

The City of Torrance Fire Department website has a history of the Department from the founding of the City in 1912 to the present.

Torrance City Flower

Torrance City Tree

Torrance Fire Department

Torrance First Library

Torrance's Irving Gill-Designed Bridge

Torrance City Veterans Memorial

Torrance Centennial Plaza

Original Torrance Memorial Hospital

John F. Kennedy Memorial Stone

Seaside Heroes Park

Los Arboles "Rocketship" Park

Louis Zamperini

Little Free Library at Torrance Police Dept.

Ted Tanouye Memorial

History of Farming in Torrance

Torrance All-America City Award Finalist, 2011

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