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Did You Know Torrance Has a City Flower?

Torrance has its own City Flower - the Hybrid Delphineum (Ajacis)

Upon recommendation of the Torrance Beautiful Commission, the City Council at a regular meeting held February 18, 1964, officially adopted the Hybrid Delphinium as the City flower.

The Hybrid Delphinium was grown on the present site of the Torrance Civic Center by M.T. Muto in 1928. The flowers grew so abundanty, and so beautifully, that they attracted buyers from the firms of the New Yourk Flower Market, and soon arrangements were made for shipping.

Delphiniums grown on the Torrance Civic Center site were the first to be shipped anywhere. They kept their appearance longer and withstood the long days and weeks of transportation better than others grown elsewehere. This put Torrance on the Eastern market, then New York City.

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