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THS Photo Gallery


Glenn Sakamoto, Creative Director of Sakamoto Design + Brand Strategy, designed the New Torrance Historical Society & Museum Logo in 2007. The logo focuses on the historic bridge over Torrance Boulevard, but also evokes the balanced city concept reflected in the Olmsted design, as well as the greater horizon of California.

David Rensin book signing 

Book signing January 25, 2015 with David Rensin, coauthor of "Don't Give up, Don't Give In - Lessons from an Extraordinary Life." Luke Zamperini (left), David Rensin (center), and Cynthia (Zamperini) Garris (right), Louis' son and daughter. Photo courtesy of Jerry Ronan, THS Historian.

first in line for Unbroken tix 

Dayna Berman and Leilani Kimmel-Dagostino
are first in line for the fundraising screening of "Unbroken."

John Crayton, Goodyear Blimp Pilot 

John Crayton, discussing "The Blimp - 37 Good Years of Flying,"
January 19th, 2014

2013 Annual Installation of Officers, June 2nd, 2013

All photos Copyright 2013 Michael Maiuri. Used with permission.

THS Board Members 

Torrance Historical Society & Museum 2013-2014 Board Members
(l. to r.): Judi Gerber, Gene Higginbotham, Jill Maroney, Kurt Weideman, Janet Payne,
Debbie Hays, Jamie Ruth Watson, Keri Gilbert, Ann Strong, Joann Miyamoto, Jerry Ronan.

THS Volunteers 

THS Museum Volunteers Carol Bauer and Judi Gerber


THS 2013-2014 President Jamie Ruth Watson


Financial Secretary Keri Gilbert, Past Torrance Mayor (1994-2002) and THS Advisor Dee Hardison, Treasurer Kurt Weideman


Torrance City Clerk and THS Parliamentarian Sue Herbers and Jerry Herbers


THS Volunteers P. J. Hayden, Lynda Kraemer, Fern Ruiz

El Prado Bridge Re-Dedication
May 23, 2013

All photos Copyright 2013 Jerry Ronan. Used with permission.

El Prado Bridge West 

El Prado Bridge west side, looking southeast.

El Prado Bridge Interior 

View across Torrance Blvd, through support columns.

El Prado Bridge East 
El Prado Bridge east side, looking northwest.

El Prado Bridge Re-Dedication Presentation 
El Prado Bridge Rededication Presentation.

El Prado Bridge Lighting 

El Prado Bridge Relighting, December 2, 2014, 7:37pm.
Photo courtesy Leilani Kimmel-Dagostino)

El Prado Bridge Re-Dedication Attendees 

Rededication ceremony attendees.

Breakfast With a Champion - Louis Zamperini
Presentation and Book Signing Event, April 9, 2011

zamperini group 

Louis Zamperini along with the volunteer team who helped with the "Breakfast with a Champion" book signing event of "Unbroken" at the Toyota USA Automobile Museum on Saturday. Olympic swimmer, John Naber (4 golds, 1 silver, 6 world records) is the tall gentleman in the back row.

There were over 400 people in attendance at this event.